The Mountain Tales Film Festival

Mountain Tales Film Festival is for storytellers from every walk of life who find themselves telling those stories through film. Although there will be multiple awards and laurels given out we hope this festival can be a place of comradery between filmmakers, not of competition.

Due to the uncertainty of current events, we have elected not to have a physical festival this year, and instead we will be shifting our focus towards our online screenplay competition.

We were once asked:

When you get to the mountain why are you there, to see or to be seen?

After forming our company 321 Films, which this film festival is a branch of,

we had to truly look at ourselves as we climbed that mountain and ask:

why are we here?

We know now, that we are here to see.
To see your stories, your perspectives.
To see what there is to be seen and to explore it.
To see your tales from that same mountain.
So now that you're here with us, are you here to be seen or are you here to see?

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