Availability ended 10/4/2020 EDT
How bad can a sickness be?
A man, suffering from headache and cough who is not able to sleep, stands up from his bed and walk towards a mirror to check himself. After checking himself in the mirror, he walks towards his computer and start searching for the symptoms which was causing him so much headache and cough. While he was searching on the internet, he feels that he is being sucked into the cyber world and watches himself meeting to a couple of bad ends due to his illness. First he finds himself suffering from a skin abnormality, he gets panic and moves towards other possible outcome which leads him to watch himself in more painful situation. He tries to escape but fails to get away and eventually finds himself being sunk into more problems and at the end finds himself dead. He panics and tries more hard to getaway and finally succeeds and finds himself in front of his computer in his own home as he has just wakeup from a horrible dream.


Directed by Safeer Manzoor